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Issue 35 Winter 2018
Holocene Lullaby by Eric Berlin                  
The Silver Turtle by Stephen Duffy          
Still Life with Roadkill and Figs by Ellen Kombiyil
In the Queue by Noel Conneely                               
Another Beautiful Day Indoors by Erik Kennedy
A Joyful Thing to Write: an interview with Jo Shapcott                   
Words of Wisdom at the Tides Restaurant by John White
Auld Lang Syne by Joel Scarfe                    
Tarek Compares Beauty and Thunder by Peter Serchuk
Line Drawing after Josef Capek by Kate Ennals   
Font by Roland Leach                                    
flock by Jennifer Compton                          
The Wasted Fury by Melanie McGee Bianchi      
What Mattered to Me About the Wind by Paul Watsky
The Night I Wrote Josh Tillman a Letter by Erin Bealmear
Nicola Hicks by Max Porter                                          
Elm Street by Richard W. Halperin                           
Still Life Without Object by John Michael Mouskos                                          
Long Distance by Margaret Cunningham              
He Thanks His Three Mentors by Milton P. Ehrlich            
Jogging With Roger by Rebecca Goss                     
Selling Christmas Trees by Aidan OíDonoghue   
Twentieth Century Smoking by Sinead Wilson   
Out into the Light: an interview with Paul Lynch                                
In a Garden, Maybe After a Death by Carolyn Oulton
Her Maps, Their Annotations by Jean Atkin         
Zero Hour by William Cordeiro                   
Featuring artwork by