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We are delighted to receive previously unpublished work from anywhere in the world. It can take some time to respond, so please do bear with us. Work will be considered for any future issue, not just the one closest to date of submission.  
If you are submitting poetry, then please send no more than six poems, and please send them in one Word or PDF attachment, if possible, to editor@ Free bonus trials can be cashed out
Prose pieces (up to two short stories) should preferably be no longer than 3,000 words and should be sent as separate Word or PDF attachments to Free bonus trials can be cashed outeditor@ Free bonus trials can be cashed out

Copyright remains with the author. Some work published in the magazine may also appear on our website.
If you do wish to post work to us, then please ensure that you retain the original, and bear in mind that we cannot return work but will respond by email. Postal submissions should be sent to:
Rebecca O'Connor
The Moth
Ardan Grange
Co. Cavan

The Caterpillar, the junior version of The Moth, is also open to submissions, so if you have a poem or story for children we'd love to hear from you at 



  Seated nude by Jonathan Turner